Do you offer free quotes?

We offer no obligation free quotes. Each quote is tailed specifically to the needs and scope of works to be carried out for the customer.

Do you offer electrical inspections and when should I have one carried out?

Yes we do offer electrical inspections. Inspections are subject to particular customer requirements. These can be carried out for Residential, Industrial and commercial premises. An inspection can be carried out at any time for peace of mind and compliance requirements.

Do you offer project management?

Yes we do offer project management. Subject to the scale of works to be completed, we can plan, organise and manage the resources to bring about a successful completion of the specific project.

Is an RCD the same as a circuit breaker?

No. A circuit breaker and an RCD are not the same. An RCD (Residual Circuit Breaker) is a safety switch device for lights, appliances or any other power circuits. It disconnects a circuit whenever it detects that the electrical current is not balanced.

Why should I use two RCD’s?

You need two RCDs to separate the power circuits in the event of a fault. If one RCD trips, the second will continue to function as normal.

What type of lighting services do you provide?

We can provide advice on new lighting technologies to help save on electrical bills. We can provide new lighting solutions to help modernise the look of your premises or we can replace what you currently have installed.

I have heard that I need to install safety switches and smoke alarms in my house, is this correct?

Yes. On any alterations or new homes, smoke alarms and safety switches are council and government regulation. We recommend any premises without smoke alarms or safety switches have them installed for safety purposes and peace of mind. 

Why are double adaptors so bad and what should I use as a substitute for double adaptors?

Doubles adaptors are prone to overheating if too many appliances are plugged into them, or the double adaptor is loosely plugged into the wall outlet. As a substitute, replacing single power points with double power points is a viable option. This is subject to the number of power points on the circuit. Further recommendations will be provided on inspection of the premises.

I need someone that can offer me advice instead of just fixing the problem, is this something that you can assist me with?

Yes, we will provide a report on the works completed along with any other safety issues or recommendations regarding power saving and value for money workmanship. We can assist with redesigning your current setup for power saving measures and carry out the installation works as required.

How do I pay upon completion of works?

Preferable payment methods are EFT, Cheque or cash on completion of works. A tax invoice will be provided to the customer with relevant banking details for EFT purposes. Payments terms are dependent on discussions with customer or builder and the type of works to be carried out.